Buying and selling FUEL on PancakeSwap and HyperSwap

First things first, you need to visit the decentralized exchanges, which can be found by going to, or HyperSwap, and connecting your wallet.

FUEL is a transactional tax type of token, which means 2% of each transaction is taxed, half of that tax is burnt forever (making FUEL deflationary) and the other half is sent to the staking pool. Because of this, when you want to buy or sell FUEL you need to make sure you set the “slippage” to higher than 2% for the transaction to go through. You can do that by clicking on the gear icon, on either decentralized exchange, and changing the slippage to 3%.

Once the slippage has been correctly set, its now time to fill out the ‘to’ and ‘from’ fields to tell the trading interface what you would like to do. If you have BNB and you want to buy FUEL, it should look like this….

If you have FUEL and you would like to sell it for BNB, it should be the inverse, and look like this…..

Keep in mind, I am using a dummy wallet address, which is why it says “insufficient FUEL or BNB balance”. Once you have filled in the ‘to’ and ‘from’ fields, and set the slippage correctly, you can submit the trade, and it should go through in about 5 seconds or so.

Once the transaction has gone through, you may need to add the token information into your wallet, if your tokens don’t show up. If you are using MetaMask, click on “add token”, choose “custom token” and then add the FUEL token contract address; 0x2090c8295769791ab7a3cf1cc6e0aa19f35e441a.

It can be found by going to Jetfuel’s BscScan page for FUEL token;

It should look like this….

Once you click on “Add Tokens”, your newly purchased FUEL tokens will now show up in your wallet. You can also check the balance of your tokens by going to, it will show you your FUEL balance on the homepage, by clicking on the logo at the top right.

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