Jetfuel Vaults

Jetfuel's vaults allow users to deposit LP tokens or single asset tokens, and earn more of what you deposited.

A vault is a smart contract strategy that uses an algorithm that is programmed to automatically take the multi-step process of auto-compounding your assets. To give you an idea of how they work, traditionally users add LP tokens to yield farms, and are rewarded with a reward token.

If you deposit your LP tokens in a vault, every 4 hours the vault will harvest your pending rewards, sell half of your reward tokens, buy BNB with the proceeds, use those two tokens to add liquidity and then increase your LP token amount, automatically.

Jetfuel’s vaults reward users with auto-compounded rewards that are much higher than the non-compounded rewards offered by yield farms themselves.

Jetfuel Finance Vaults

We launched our first vaults on January 7th, 2021, and since that time have quickly created many new vaults, from our extremely high yield FUEL/BNB LP vault, to single asset vaults like CAKE or BTC or ETH, to vaults based on stable coins, and synthetic stocks such as mTESLA, mNETFLIX, mGOOGLE and mAMAZON.

We are now releasing next generation V2 vaults using Jetfuel Flash, that allow users to enter and exit LP vaults using only BNB if preferred. This advancement significantly simplifies the process for our users. Along with the V2 vaults, we will soon be releasing exciting new products that can only be built using this technology, such as mutual funds.

To expand on mutual funds, imagine a high risk mutual fund where a user can deposit BNB and have that BNB automatically split up to multiple high-risk/high-reward vaults on the platform, therefore spreading out the users risk/reward, and allowing the user to withdraw when ready, straight to BNB if preferred.

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