Staking FUEL on Jetfuel Finance

One of the many options in Jetfuel.Finance’s DeFi ecosystem to earn rewards, is to stake your FUEL tokens. In this guide I’d like to show you how to stake your FUEL, the many different benefits, the passive income potential, and how to un-stake should you ever choose to.

Staking FUEL When you want to stake your FUEL, head over to the “Staking” page, and you will see two sections, on the right you will see your FUEL token balance, and on the left you will see your JETS token balance. When you stake your FUEL tokens, by clicking on “Convert To Jets”, your FUEL will be swapped for JETS tokens. The only way to obtain JETS tokens is by using the Staking page.

Because of the passive rewards JETS holders receive, on day one, the ratio of JETS you would receive from FUEL was 1:1, however now that more revenue streams are being added, its now currently about 1:.7 and will continue to drop as more profits are shared with JETS holders, incentivizing users to stake early and leave long-term. As you can see below, JETS become more valuable than FUEL over time.

What’s the equation to receive JETS?

(Amount of FUEL to Stake) * (Total JETS) / (totalFUEL in Staking)

What Are JETS? The JETS token is the staking and governance token of the Jetfuel Ecosystem. JETS will deliver multiple revenue streams for FUEL holders/stakers from the Hangar Reserves (staking pool), Vault rewards, GFORCE rewards, additional rewards from soon to be launched additions to the ecosystem including Fortress credit/lending, JetSwap AMM, and will provide voting power when governance is launched.

When your FUEL is staked, and you are holding JETS, you will not earn more JETS. Instead, by holding JETS, you will be able to passively earn more FUEL. JETS will allow you to earn up to 4 different income streams.

Staking Income Streams There’s currently nothing like it on Binance Smart Chain. JETS holders receive;

  1. FUEL rewards from the Hanger Reserves (staking pool)

  2. FUEL rewards from 4% of each and every Vault harvest

  3. GFORCE staking pool for passive yield rewards

  4. FUEL rewards from the USS Gerald R Ford JETS staking pool

  5. Coming soon: Fortress credit/lending protocol

  6. Coming soon: JetSwap automated market maker (AMM)

FUEL Rewards from the Staking Pool. FUEL has a 2% transactional tax built into the smart contract. 1% of every transaction is burned forever and 1% of every transaction is sent to the Hangar Reserves (staking pool). So that means every time FUEL is bought, sold, harvested, transferred, or put into an LP, the Hangar Reserves wallet is replenished with FUEL.

JETS holders will earn FUEL from this pool by staking their FUEL. JETS holders’ earnings are based on the number of FUEL stakers and FUEL available in the contract. Currently, 60 FUEL will be sent from the Hangar Reserves to JETS holders, however that number can be increased as the platform grows.

USS Gerald R Ford Staking Pool

Once you stake your FUEL, and receive JETS, you can even stake your JETS for more FUEL! On the “Fuels” page, there is a pool called the USS Gerald R Ford, and it allows you to earn even more FUEL while staking your FUEL. Double rewards!

Simply click on “Deposit” in the JETS box, and your JETS will immediately begin earning you more FUEL.

Fuel Rewards from the Vaults Jetfuel’s Vaults provide JETS holders with FUEL rewards, and depending on the optimizer strategy, the Vaults will redistribute 4% of every harvest as FUEL back to JETS holders. This means JETS holders will receive market bought FUEL from every harvest, which happens at least every 4 hours, from every Vault, and considering there are currently 33 active Vaults, that equals a substantial amount of rewards, and will only grow with time.

GFORCE Passive Yields GFORCE (GFC) will be the third token integrated into the Jetfuel ecosystem. Following in the footsteps of passive yield tokens, GFORCE will split the transaction tax between GFORCE holders and JETS holders. This means JETS holders will automatically become GFORCE holders and will earn substantially higher yields than a standalone GFORCE holder. GFORCE token will be launching very soon, so keep an eye out for news regarding the release of the new Jetfuel Launchpad.

Fortress Credit/Lending Protocol Jetfuel will soon be launching a very exciting new credit/lending platform, forked from Venus/Compound, on both Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain, called Fortress. A certain percentage of the profits from each of the two, will be shared with JETS holders. Jetfuel’s Vaults will also be able to build strategies/vaults using single token assets on Fortress. More to be announced soon.

JetSwap Jetfuel is currently working on a new AMM, and a certain percentage of the profits from JetSwap will be shared with JETS holders. JetSwap will also have yield farms that Jetfuel’s Vaults will be able to take advantage of.

Can I trade JETS? Jetfuel does not support JETS trading. JETS should be held, not sold since you need JETS in order to withdraw your FUEL + rewards. If your JETS are lost/unrecoverable, we are unable to assist you with the recovery of your FUEL + Rewards.

How do I get my FUEL back? If you staked your JETS in any staking pools, such as the USS Gerald R Ford, you must first un-stake your JETS.

Now that none of your JETS are currently staked, all you must do is click the “Convert To FUEL” button on the Staking page to get your FUEL back. After your wallet prompt approval, your JETS will be burned and your FUEL will be returned to you less the normal transfer tax and 2.5% dev fee.

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