There are no deposit fees. Standard withdrawal from vault fees are set at 0.5%. This is to prevent bad actors from going in and out of the vault quickly to reap the harvest and then leaving. Many of the vaults will allow the users to generate returns over the withdrawal fee in less than 24 hours.

How the vault strategy works;

  1. Either the contract or the user calls harvest

  2. Contract receives the reward

  3. 94% of the harvest is compounded back to the user’s deposits (LP tokens or single asset)

  4. 4% of the harvest is used to market buy FUEL and sent to JETS holders

  5. 1.5% of the harvest is used to buy WBNB and is sent to the treasury

  6. 0.5% of the harvest is used to buy WBNB to reward the caller

Keep in mind that because 4% of the harvest is earmarked for JETS holders, when a user is holding JETS, they end up receiving 98% of every single vault harvest.

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