Fair Launch Distribution and Supply

The FUEL token was a fair launch, liquidity mined release, meaning there was no pre-sale, no pre-mine and no token allocations. FUEL currently has a 72,800 token circulating supply, and a max supply of 129,150. FUEL is a transactional tax type token, and every transaction is taxed 2%. Half of the transaction tax goes to the staking pool (Hanger Reserves) and the other half is burnt forever. This helps alleviate sell pressure and makes the supply of FUEL more scarce over time.

There are currently 7,500 FUEL tokens burnt forever (over 10% of circulating supply), which would reduce the maximum supply to no more than 122,550. Because this project was a fair launch, there were no tokens allocated for the founders, or any other entity. The developer team receives 2.5% of daily emissions, and a 2.5% fee on un-staking JETS to FUEL. By the end of the FUEL farming period, the dev team will have received 3,150 FUEL tokens from FUEL emissions.

The project released about 29% of all farmable FUEL in the first 30 days. Block rewards were reduced 2.5% per day during the first month and from then on will be level for each month and get stepped down by 10% per month until the 5 months of emissions have expired and all FUEL has been farmed.

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